ELIM – BRISBANE – Brief History

The Romanian Christian Pentecostal Church, known today as ELIM – BRISBANE, was established by the first brothers and sisters whose dreams about reaching Australia were finally realised, starting from year 1983. These brothers and sisters do not claim any credit for being the first arrivals, instead, they give all the glory to God who guided them and used them to fulfil His purpose.

As the years went by, more and more brothers and sisters from other states of Australia, from Romania and from other countries joined them, being attracted to some extent by the very pleasant climate of this region, but mainly due to the overwhelming hospitality of those who were already settled in the larger Brisbane area. Our Church was officially registered for the first time on the 22nd June 1987.

During the first few years we held our services in places made available to us by Public Schools or in rented venues. Today, we are grateful to God as we enjoy every comfort while sharing the Word of God, in order to grow spiritually and to prepare ourselves for God’s service.

Since its establishment, our Church has gone through difficult times and trials which gave us ample opportunity to demonstrate our love and faithfulness for God and for His ministry. Today we enjoy a period of peace and spiritual progress which is limited only by the extent the brothers and sisters are willing to involve themselves in the service of our Lord.

Our Church is growing steadily, having at present over 300 members. God has also blessed us with a great number of youth, the majority of whom are not only full of energy and enthusiasm, but are also demonstrating a real love for God and His service, therefore our hearts are filled with joy and hope.

We, the brothers and sisters of Elim – Brisbane Romanian Christian Church, do not have achievements to boast about. We are perfectly aware that it was only the Grace of God that sustained us thus far, and we are confident that God will be with us in the future, that He will make our Church grow and prosper, so that the Good News of His Salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ may reach more and more people who have not yet received Him as their personal Lord and Saviour.